Athens Bitcoin Meetup #1 & Group

An interesting discussion has started in Bitcointalk, when pors said that he has created a Meetup group, so all the Greek Bitcoiners can join and organize meetups in Athens. That lead to (the first) Bitcoin meetup in Athens, in April 2014, to be eventually organized in [HSGR] is a physical space dedicated to creative code and hardware hacking, in Athens.

The #1 Bitcoin meetup was organized in a Cafeteria a few blocks away from hsgr. It was supposed to be organized in, but due to another event already taking place there, we decided a few hours before the meetup to host it in a Cafeteria near hsgr.

It was quite a success, I would say. I attended similar meetups in the past that took place in hsgr, and non of them was so crowded. ~30 people attended. I know that it is not a big number, but if you look closer at the Greek Bitcoin community, you will realize that we are not such a big one, so this number of attendees is quite pleasing.

The meetup ended after 2 and a half hours. We discussed a variety of subjects, including mining, mining hardware, price speculation, the block chain, the bitcoin network, exchanges, the state of some altcoins at the time, and also about future innovations based in the Block chain.

We will definitely organize more Bitcoin meetups in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

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