Fedora EMEA Budget Report for Q2 - FY17

The 2nd Quarter (June-August 2016) of FY2017 has come to an end, and it’s time for a detailed report to be published of what we spent as a region. Budget reports are published from regional treasurers at the end of the quarter.

During Q2 in EMEA we spent $4,608.92. For Swag and F24 media production we spent $1,615.49, and for events 2,993.45. Obviously the money we spent for swag production seems a lot compared to our overall spendings, but we managed to save money from swag production in Q1 and use them in Q2. We ended up spending $300 more for Swag production in Q2.

Overall we overspent in this quarter for events and swag production. The adjusted amount we had for events was $2,604, spending nearly $400 more. Although we spent again more money for events like Q1, we managed to gather the rest of the money from unused funds intended for shipping swag & media during the quarter.

Finally, I’m pretty sure that this is the first time after a long period of time that all the expenses made during the quarter were also reimbursed during the same quarter. This is extremely convenient for everyone, the community credit card holder, me (keeping the books), and Red Hat. Many thanks to everyone that submitted their receipts on time and asked for reimbursement from the community credit card holder, and of course many thanks to jsimon for reimbursing everyone so promptly :)

You can download the full report for Q2 here or find it in pagure. As always, you can find the Budget for FY17 in this Google Spreadsheet.