DORS/CLUC 2016 Event Report

Between 11-13 May 2016,Giannis Konstantinidis and traveled to Zagreb, Croatia for the 23rd DORS/CLUC. We were also joined by Elio Qoshi, Jona Azizaj from Albania and Gergely Rakosi from Hungary.

We had a huge booth this year, which included a demo desktop and several laptops, was quite busy at all times. I brought with me plenty of Fedora Swag, like Fedora logo stickers, Workstation/Server/Cloud stickers, pins and pens! I also brought 2 Fedora roll-up banners from Greece, T-shirts and . On the second day, Gergely brought some large speakers, a DJ controller and started playing sound using his Fedora machine which certainly proved to be a major attraction :)

Regarding presentations, Giannis and I gave a talk titled “Becoming Part of the Fedora Community” which meant to provide the audience with a solid overview around the Fedora Project and to present them with several contribution opportunities. Jona spoke about “Where are the women in Fedora?” and Gergely about “Games and Fun on Fedora”.

We had been approached by people that were interested in the project and our technologies. This makes us really happy.

Special thanks to my fellow Fedorians for hopping in and to Svebor from the organizing committee for hosting us!