Fedora 25 Release Party @fossaegean

Today he had our Fedora 25 Release event at the University of the Aegean, and like our previous release party, it was a full house! The event was organized by Giannis Konstantinidis and me, and it was hosted at fossaegean, a physical space in our university dedicated to Free and Open Source Software.

We started with a presentation from Giannis, explaining the Fedora Project, and its 4 Foundations. Giannis also explained the different flavors of Fedora, its spins, and the supported secondary architectures. Then I continued with an introduction to the fedora.next initiative, that is changing the way we do things with Fedora, further explaining why we now “produce” 3 different products in every release. Later on, I explained and showcased the new features of the new version of Fedora, for Workstation, Server, and Cloud. Finally, Giannis explained how easy it is for someone to start contributing and make an impact to the Project. We were very happy to give away plenty of Fedora stickers and pins in the meantime!

After that we demonstrated the installation of the new version of Fedora, and helped out any users that were having difficulty installing or upgrading to Fedora 25. In the meantime we discussed about wayland and various problems that came with it. After the installation, I continued with my workshop about making your first steps as a Fedora Packager.

I’d also like to welcome Aggela Panousou to the Fedora community, a high school student and a member of our community, who is making her first steps as a Fedora contributor!

We also gave away 3 Fedora beanies. Because the participants were a lot more, unfortunately we had to make a draw and choose 3 winners randomly. Like our previous release party, those who stayed till the end, were awarded with pizza and drinks!