Fedora Weekend 2014 @hsgr – Event Report

Last week, we organized a ‘Fedora Weekend”, a 2-day event dedicated to Fedora, with a bunch of talks and workshops, at the Athens hackerspace.

The 1st day kicked of at 11 o’clock, with my presentation about what is happening with Fedora right now. My talk was mainly about fedora.next, it’s latest developments, and what will change at Fedora 21. Furthermore, I talked about the Fedora Council, the new governance model of the project, replacing the well-known Fedora Board. Finally, I also presented the new features of Fedora 21. Then Nikos continued with his presentation about DevAssistant, a very useful tool for developers, which will be pre-installed in F21 Workstation product, making easier for developers to start writing code. Evagelos Balaskas continued with his presentation about linux virtualization. After a small pizza break, Nikos and Axileas run the packaging workshop

After a small change in the schedule, the 2nd day started with Pierro’s presentation about 3D printing in Fedora, where he explained the whole process, designing an item, and eventually printing it. He also mentioned all the different tools that will help you get your object print in the process, and how easy it was to start printing 3D objects with Fedora. Nikos also made an introduction to Docker, showing the installation process, and also how easy you can manage containers in Docker. Giannis then made a workshop about Fedora remixes, demonstrating the easy process of making your own remix. Quite cool I would say! After the lunch break, Giannis moved on with his localization hackfest, where we all picked a file and started translating!

It was a nice 2-day meetup of the Greek Fedora community, and I really hope to be able to organize something similar next year!