Flock 2013 for remote attendes

Unfortunately this year I am very busy and I won’t be attending Flock in-person, but since there will be video streams of talks available, I intend to attend virtually! Flock will be held in Charleston, SC. I have written a post about it in the Magazine

Flock IRC Channels

Here’s the lineup of IRC channels we created on irc.freenode.net for remote attendees to follow along. You may want to configure them in your IRC client now to make your remote attendance easier. I’ve linked each channel name up to the freenode web client just in case it’s helpful.

If you’re using xchat / hexchat and just want to copy/paste the full list in a format xchat will take to allow you to auto-join, here you go:


Remember, the #fedora-flock channel is for general discussion / updates / questions about the Flock conference. The room-specific channels are for live transcription (if available) of the talks in the rooms as well as discussion about the talk as it proceeds.

I hope I can make it next year. It seems likely, as it will be held in Europe. Fingers crossed! 😛