FrOSCon 2017 Event Report

Between 18-20 of August 2017, Alexandra Fedorova, Christian Dersch, Till Maas and I traveled to Sankt Augustin, near Bonn in Germany for DORS/FrOSCon. The conference gathered a lot of people interested in free & open source technologies.

As every year, the Fedora Project could not be missing from such an event. We also had a booth this year, which included a demo laptop showcasing Gnome with our latest release. There were also plenty of Fedora Swag, like Fedora logo stickers, Workstation/Server/Cloud stickers, pins and pens!

I organized an introductory workshop about Fedora packaging and the Copr service on Sunday. Copr is a build service, where you upload your src RPM file and Copr builds it for you, giving you an RPM repository that every user can use it to install your package. It’s important to note that Copr is a community developed project, and it is not officially supported from the Fedora infrastructure team as of yet.

My workshop was the first one in the morning, and due to delay in the trains that day, I was late 15 minutes :( . The organizers were kind enough to notify the attendees of the delay on twitter. There was a participant that was a Mageia contributor and was extremely interested in how Copr works, as she gladly informed me that contributors from the Mageia project use Copr as well to test build packages.

Many thanks to my fellow Fedorians for helping out at the booth! Hope to see you all next year! :)